Technicolor Hollywood

Technicolor Hollywood




An issue that is important to me are the continued shortcomings of diversity in the film/television industry. For this project, I created a video creatively showing data about the lack of diversity in the film industry.


There were already numerous infographics out there regarding diversity in film/television. I got my data from a report by Dr. Stacy L. Smith from July 2017. Even though the report included a lot of statistics, I had to select data that could be creatively translated visually aside from the standard conventional graphs.

I tried to avoid the conventional graphs such as pie graphs and bar graphs, (Although I did use some variation of line graphs.) If I did use those, I tried to think of different ways of depicting the data (such as a film reel for a pie chart and stacks of money for a bar graph). Another idea was using bucket of popcorn to represent the percentage of the representation in film; this made it into the final video.